Thank you for taking an interest in my Campaign. I would like to begin with premise similar if not parallel to the Tale of King Lear by Shakespeare. Most of the characters are represented in one way or another. If you have never read the story it isn’t a big deal at all I really take it into a very different direction especially since its set in the d and d realm.

An Old King having three daughters decides to divide his kingdom according to the daughters “love” for him (which in order to test has a contest). The youngest daughter would not play the game and simply said “I love you as much as nature would allow.” The others compete only to find upon his death the church appointed the eldest Queen. Vowing revenge the middle daughter leaves the country to raise an army. The youngest was exiled by the father before his death for not part taking of the “Love Games.” Now as the three sisters’ fight for supremacy you (the chosen few) must choose sides and help bring peace to the kingdom….

As you explore the character tab you will begin to see the expansiveness of the realm’s inhabitants. Exploring the Wiki will show my real vision of how the world itself works (magic for example). Map is actually not that complicated or unique aside from my racial assignments to regions. I hope you enjoy the world I create. Playing secondary to the good read I may be making.

The Triad of Lear